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    Reality Sites Listings
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    Slut Seeker Website : Refer : Review It
    Slut Seeker This site features girls that are in need of a job. And they answer an ad in thier local newspaper, and set up an appointnemt for an interview. And of course it is a bogus job interview. You will see how far these women will go to prove that they are the right women for the job. And they fuck and suck to prove it. Your membership includes access to additional exclusive web sites. 3 Day Trial membership $2.95.

    Updated: 03/12/2007

    Right off the Boat Website : Refer : Review It
    Right off the Boat Features females that have excaped their home land to flee to America, for a fresh new start, and live a good life in the home of the free. And you will have a front row seat to see what these ladies will do to stay in America, and they'll do anything! Your membership includes access to additional exclusive web sites. 3 Day Trial membership $2.95.

    Updated: 03/12/2007

    Limo Patrol Website : Refer : Review It
    Limo Patrol Is another one of those reality sites, where guys cruise around in search of females in distress. And of course what you will see inside is males coming the rescue of these distressed damsels. And they offer them a ride and return get some action in the back of a limo. And it is all filmed for your personal pleasure. You will see the videos, and photos featuring the past, and future scenes with your membership. The site promises weekly updates with fresh new content. Your membership includes access to additional exclusive web sites. 3 Day Trial membership $2.95.

    Updated: 03/12/2007

    2 Chicks 1 Dick Website : Refer : Review It
    2 Chicks 1 Dick The idea behind the 2 Chicks 1 Dick web site is. A few friends bet each other and see who can fuck the most girls in a month. These horny studs are on a quest to to lay the most pipe and win the money! These guys are fucking two at a time and they let you watch! Totally exclusive videos with new updates added each week! Live out your threesome fantasies through the eyes of these horny studs! 3 day trial membership for only $2.95.

    Updated: 03/12/2007

    Taylor Bow Website : Refer : Review It
    Taylor Bow This site is a little tragic. Olivier is the owner of the Taylor Bow web site. And he is seeking revenge on her. See now Olivier met Taylor at a hip New York night club, and they hit it off. And they dated for a while, Taylor told Olivier that the sex was amazing was a spiritual experience. Out of the blue one day Taylor left Olivier, and he is heart broken. But lucky for us Olivier had video taped all their sexual encounters. Olivier has made it his mission to humiliate Taylor and make her pay for braking his heart. And it is inside waiting your personal viewing pleasure. Your membership to this site grants you to all of the 20 home videos with Taylor. Each video is between 15 and 30 minutes in length. All movies are in MPEG format which means they can be viewed on all computers, both PC and Apple. The tour page offers some pretty nice quality videos, that will give you an idea of what to expect if and when you join. Over all there really doesn't offer a great deal of content, but the quality is great at full size. Give it a try you would be able to see everything with a 3 Day Trial for only $4.95.

    Updated: 02/27/2007

    Street Ranger Website : Refer : Review It
    Street Ranger Is a reality site from the well known Bang Bros. The main person that supplies the content is a typical nerd that is board with many adult websites that exists online today. So the Street Ranger decided to get a camera and headed out on the streets to create his own porn site. He did realize rather fast that it was going to be a big challange to be successful! So he changed and became a new person. And that's how the Street Ranger was born. That is not as exciting as the birth of Superman. But it works for the Street Ranger. What you will see inside is sort of like a Mission Impossible feel to the site. Street Ranger sets his sights on finding his target and confronts girls and he takes them to public bathrooms hotels, and even to his rig and the girls get down and dirty and fuck and suck. And it has all been captured on film from the Street Ranger's web cam glasses. And you can view all the real pick up scenes and XXX action. The tour pages are loaded with some great free video clips, come inside now to see all Street Rangers conquest. 3 Day Trial $4.95.

    Updated: 02/27/2007

    Bang Bus Website : Refer : Review It
    Bang Bus Is a web site created from the minds at Bang Bros. What you will expect to see inside this site is two guys in a big van touring around the cities, looking for guys to pick up and fuck a hot chick. And that is what they do, everyone of them. But they get out of the van for some reason, and the van leaves these stupid dudes stranged. Now it would be funnier if they left them stranded in places naked. None the less it is a pretty funny reality site. Come inside now and check out the free video trailers that are splashed upon the tour pages. It will tickle your funny bone, as well as get your bone hard and ready for your personal pleasure. 3 Day Trial $4.95.

    Updated: 02/27/2007

    Escort Trick Website : Refer : Review It
    Escort Trick We hook up with hot whores, pay them, fuck them, then take the money and run. You’ve never seen a woman pissed off until you’ve seen these whores after we are through with them. We lie to them, fuck them, and then leave without paying.

    Updated: 02/23/2007

    Bikini Scam Website : Refer : Review It
    Bikini Scam is the ultimate "all exclusive" Bikini site for stunning babes in skimpy and tight bikinis. These girls have never revealed their pussies on camera before! It's amazing what a babe with a camera and a little cash can do, see hot, fresh scams each week! Every Friday the site is update with totally new and exclusive hot Bikini Scams scenes. Along with all the scams you'll get access to 1,000's of hours of streaming XXX theaters always open for your enjoyment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

    Updated: 12/29/2006

    Reality Porn Pass Website : Refer : Review It
    Reality Porn Pass is a super sized web site. With this site you will have access to 20 reality porn sites. With such titles as cash strapped teens, MILF Riders, Gangbang Lessons, cream Filled Holes, and 16 others. Members who join this site right will also get 30 free minutes of video on demand. So come on inside now and take a look at the Reality Porn Pass web site. 3 Day Trial for 4.87.

    Updated: 12/27/2006

    Adult Associate Website : Refer : Review It
    The Adult Associate web site is sort of reality based. What you will see on the tour page is a video clip of Ron Jeremy. And he explanes what goes on inside. Which is a porn rip off of "The Apprentice." Mr Jeremy plays Trump. And tries to find the next big porn star. Where they will fuck in front of the camera and on a real porn shoot. And the contestents will have new weekly tasks to prove they are the next big thing. And in the end if Ron says, "You're Fucked." The site does have some great and free video highlight clips on the tour pages of what you as a member will expect. This site is really rather entertaining. 3 Day Trial $4.87.

    Updated: 12/27/2006

    Got Nailed Website : Refer : Review It
    The idea behind the Got Nailed web site is four punks on a mission to nail chichs by posing as legit taent scouts. The site promoses that the footage is inscripted. And you can witness all photos and videos, as these four males travel small towns across America. Members will have to 10 bonus sites. 3-Day Trial $2.95.

    Updated: 12/18/2006

    Porn Week Vacations Website : Refer : Review It
    Watch what happens when we take average guys and real porn stars and put them together on some of the most kickass vacations they could ever imagine. This site give average Joe's unrestricted backstage passes to all the hot fuck action and filming! Their first time on a real porn shoot and we see it all. Our favorite part is the amazing after hour parties where you can see just how nasty it really gets when the girls let both their hair and their pants down with the guests! It's all uncensored, unscripted and out of control. Real guys like You get the fucking time of their life with real porn stars!

    Updated: 12/04/2006

    POV Fantasy Website : Refer : Review It
    The POV Fantasy web site will take your favorite fantasies, like picking up a hot MILF at the super market, a stripper, a Las Vegas hooker, or even the farmers daughter, and they make the dreams of so many mens fantasies come true. The site is updated weekly with a new fantasy video. And your membership will also grant you access to 9 other bonus sites.

    Updated: 11/17/2006

    Bikini Hookups Website : Refer : Review It
    The Bikini Hookups web site is filled with 100% exclusive videos. What you get with this site is real guys pick up girls on the beach and convince them to give it up. Every video episode is approximately 45 minutes in length, and offers hundreds of photos. If and when you join this site, you will also get access to three bonus sites. All Teens, Real Hardcore, and Web Young. You will also get live video feeds, adult games, and e-zines with your membership! 7 Day Trial $4.95.

    Updated: 10/11/2006

    Naughty Therapy Website : Refer : Review It
    The Naughty Therapy web site is a reality site. And I use the word lightly reviewing this site. What happens inside is females come in to talk to a "professional" again I use the word lightly. The ladies think they are getting help help from a psychologist. But they end up fucking this pretend Dr's in his office. None the less all the action is real and real hot. Come inside and check out the free movie clips now. Everything is totally exclusive. Members will get full accesss to over 95 bonus sites. 3 Day Trial $1.85.

    Updated: 10/08/2006

    My Porn Interview Website : Refer : Review It
    My Porn Interview is just like any other reality type site. Girls reply to an ad placed in the newspaper, for the call out of modeling jobs. But they discover when they go in for their interview, the agent wants the girls to do porn. Most of the girls are a little shocked and surprised. But they end stripping, sucking cock, and getting fucked. And it is been captured on camera for you to enjoy. 3 Day Trial $2.95.

    Updated: 09/24/2006

    Reality Pass Website : Refer : Review It automatically gives you full access and unlimited downloads inside all of our premier reality websites! That means for the price of joining just one site, you get 11 times the photos and videos plus you get all the new updates for every site, each week! In total you’ll have hundreds of hours of pure hardcore and exclusive video action, plus over 10,000 images and screencaps of all the action that can only be seen inside! $2.99 - 3 Day Trail.

    Updated: 08/14/2006

    My First Date Sex Website : Refer : Review It
    The idea behind this site is two starangers are set up on a blind date. And the cameras follow them around, while on their date. But it doesn't there, like you may have seen on some of dating tv shows. This site takes you right into the bedroom and you'll get to see all the hot hardcore action! New dating scenes updated every week. $2.95 - 3 Day Trial.

    Updated: 08/11/2006

    XXX Proposal Website : Refer : Review It
    It's truly amazing what you'll see if someone's partner is offered $1000 to watch them have sex. Talk about an indecent proposal. But that's what XXX Proposal is all about. It's reality, hardcore style. You'll see hot and horny babes on film take it every which way they can for a few bucks to pay the bills. $4.95 - 3 Day Trial.

    Updated: 08/10/2006

    Reality Sites Listings
    Total:  38Displaying: 1 - 20Pages: 1 2 >>