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  • About Us

    Hello and welcome to

    To make a long story short how I ended up in this business.  By trade I am a 3rd generation - Class-A machinist.  I ended up here after I closed my machine shop business down.  I am not going to bore you to death, so I wont bother going into specific's.

    After all you are here for porn, correct?

    In 1995 I ended up in this business partly by accident.  I taught myself HTML, the basic structure in designing web sites.  And shortly after that I purchased a phone sex telephone number and created a web site around it.  It did pretty well for a while.  I placed a classified ad in my local newspapers to offer my very limited services as a web designer.  I did get a few calls, but most were from people wanting their PC's repaired.  One day in 1995 out of the blue I got a phone call from someone wanting me to design an adult site for them.  I did not really know anything about internet porn in 1995, other then my phone sex number I was promoting.  I said what the hell I'll do an adult site, after all I needed money.  This person gave me a lot of info and affiliate web sites.  Another person contacted me about designing an adult web site for them.  This person and myself got things up and running.  While I was giving it a try on my own web site in 1996 that was set up as an extension from my designing web site/domain name.

    In Dec, 2000 I decided it was time to get a domain name and move that adult web site over, as it was doing somewhat well.  I created Pump-Room.  Which has become a pretty well known link list site.  And in 2001 that client that I had created a web site for decided to give up.  So that client of mine offered me first dibs on his domain name, so I took off his hands. I sat on the site domain name until I think 2003 before dumping everything, and totally redesigning it into my 2nd link list site.  It is also a pretty well known link list site, Sexxxphiles. Along with creating a pay site and several hundred if not thousands of free sites, and my newest site which is a TGP site named Pump-Room-Thumbs.

    Over the years in this industry I have met some great people, and some of the most honest, hardest working folks I have come across in a long time. I am truly proud to be a part of this industry.  As most adult webmasters we ended up here accidentally or for the pure love of porn.

    I am just a one person crew, that works out of my home office, to try to offer you the best quality porn I can.  And that is why I have created this new web site.

    The intention and goal of S.R.P.R = "" is going to take a slightly different path then a lot of other popular review sites that exists online today, and the fact that more are popping up on the net daily. What we would like to do is offer our surfers 100% total interactivity. INFACT WE ENCOURAGE IT! If you purchase a membership from one of the many sites I have listed. Please feel free to come back and write your own review, and rate your own personal experience, be it good or bad. S.R.P.R also has a feature that allows you to send sites to your friends that you would like to recommend to them, or if you just want to send yourself a reminder of a site that you have found and like. I honestly believe that by allowing you, "the surfer" to add your own input and experiences is the only way to get a true and honest opinion. For future surfers that may visit my site.

    Now if you have had enough about me and my site and just want to get to the porn, feel free to click your back arrow on your browser or simply Click Here to get back to the main page.

    I hope you enjoy your visit here!

    And thank you for your support.