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  • Home : Celebrities
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    Celebrities Listings
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    Male Celebs Website : Refer : Review It
    Male Celebs Has very clean magazine style layout with the absolute best in male celebrities. Whether it's a nasty musician, wrestler, television star or a Hollywood actor. You will love everything this site has to offer plus much more.

    Updated: 02/03/2007

    Male Stars Website : Refer : Review It
    Male Stars This site has over 65,000 never before seen photos and videos. The content is acquired numerous ways, sneaky poperotzi. And the content has been digitally enhanced to give you the highest quality available. What you will expect to see if you join this is today's hottest young hollywood stars. The members area is broken down in categories like actors, models, sport athletes, and many other groups of famous men. There are images of stars with their dicks and balls hanging out, and not the ones you may have seen before. As well as information, news, celeb gosip, see who has been publicly outed, and who is still hiding in the closit. Come inside now and take a look.

    Updated: 02/03/2007

    Male Celebrities Website : Refer : Review It
    Male Celebrities Unquestionable the most famous male celebrity site on the internet with over 100,000 photos, games, movie clips, live shows and much more. You will see such names as Daniel Craig (James Bond,) Patrick Dempsey aka Dr. McDreamy, Justin Timberlake, Jim Caviezel, James Denton, George Clooney, Ben Affleck, Johnny Depp, Antonio Banderas, Tom Cruise, and many more famous male celebs. Come inside and see which celeb has the largest cock. Don't miss out this is one hot site!

    Updated: 02/03/2007

    Nude Celebrity Theater Website : Refer : Review It
    Nude Celebrity Theater Has the largest collection of celebrities that I have ever seen. The site combines the best of all it's competition. There are movie reviews with hi-res nude photo sets, video clips, filmography, and celeb gosip, and sex tape scandals videos! It is safe to say there is thousands of both photos and video clips. The quality of the content is average to above average, some of the MPEG's are great looking. There is also about 500 hardcore galleries, with nearly 300 X rated videos, and a little over 270 streaming feeds. Over all this site is not bad for what it offers in celeb photos, videos, scandals, and much more.

    Updated: 02/03/2007

    Celebrity Hardcore Website : Refer : Review It
    Celebrity Hardcore The plot behind this site is rather simple. The site features those celebs that have made a sex tape. And of course it has leaked out to the public, and we get to see those scandalous treats. There is also thousands of movie clips, photos, as well as loads of bonus exclusive hardcore sections.

    Updated: 02/03/2007

    Female Stars Website : Refer : Review It
    Female Stars is a site dedicated to hot starlets that you may have fantasized about! The site promises and deleviers famous babes from the world wide of sports, singers, to tv and movie stars. Each woman has a page where you'll be able to see photos, and videos of their bodies of work. Each stars section is divided into non-nude and nude photo sets. There is a bonus area that is filled with hardcore porn with over 200 video feeds, that have more then 300 sets of images.

    Updated: 02/03/2007

    Female Celebrities Website : Refer : Review It
    Female Celebrities Is a comprehensive female celebrity web site that features stars Hollywood movie stars, television stars, singers, sport athletes, Models, and other famous people. This site is growing to be one of the largest female celebrity site on the net, with a growing member base and updating content daily, from sex scandels, to celebs captured on film snorting coke and taking other drugs, to the latest gosip. And so very much more, you can't go wrong with this site!

    Updated: 02/03/2007

    MrSkin Website : Refer : Review It
    MrSkin Don't be afraid this is not a gay site. MrSkin is obsessed with nude actresses. What you will see inside is all rather unique. MrSkin reviews movies from PG to rated R and tells you exactly when, where, and how naked stars get. You will see celebrity nude scenes from mainstream Hollywood films and TV celebs. For example you can see Jennifer Aniston’s nude scene from “The Good Girl”, and Phoebe Cates’ pool scene from “Fast Times as Ridgemont High”. Plus so many more movies and TV shows. If you want to rent the movies or if you have them already and want to know exactly where to find the nudity. MrSkin tells you that exact second in the movie. The site is updated each and every day with new naked celebs. Members can also interact on the message board and submit your questions. You'll see such stars as Natalie Portman, Katie Holmes, Angelina Jolie, Lindsay Lohan, Teri Hatcher, Eva Longoria. And many many more hot celebs.

    Updated: 02/03/2007

    Nitro Celebs Website : Refer : Review It
    This site offers all your favorite celebrities exposed on nude beaches, to their back yard swimming pools, or from paparazzi with telephoto lenses snapping pictures. There are celeb glamour shots, and naked celebs getting laid, or just "wardrobe malfunctions" exposing tits and more. The site also features celeb news, a gossip coloumns, and movie reviews. And this site is updating daily! 7 Day Trial $6.93.

    Updated: 09/27/2006

    Mr. Skin Website : Refer : Review It
    This site has been around for a pretty long time. And what you get with this site is? Mr Skin will tell you exactly where all the hot nude scenes are in movies down to the second. As well as offering you those exact scenes. Such as that Phoebe Cates pool scene in “Fast Times as Ridgemont High”. And so very much more. The site is updated each and every day with new celebs in the nude. Members can also submit questions on a message board. 7 Day Trial $6.93.

    Updated: 09/25/2006

    Celebs Uncovered Website : Refer : Review It
    The Celebs Uncovered site features famous celebs in the nude, loads of photos, video clips, news and gossip of who is banging whom, and reviews for you people that can not get enough of the life styles of the rich and famous celebrities.

    Updated: 08/28/2006

    Size does matter for these stretched out sluts.